Families at the Festival 2016

There are lots of activities for families at the festival this year.

They will include




Nature-based stories

Child felting at the festival 2013

One of the activities for children to do will be felting.

Wriggly worms

How fascinating wriggly worms are. There will be different kinds of worms at the festival that the children can meet and find out about. There will be worms that can compost our food waste and earthworms that help to keep the soil alive.

Wriggly worms

Come along to find out about wriggly worms

Come meet the hens

Sara Ward from Hen Corner is bringing her hens and doing a workshop about keeping them. Children will have a chance to meet and feed them some meal worms.

Child meeting chickens

Children will be able to meet the hens and feed them mealworms.






What's happening outside at the festival
New to Permaculture - find out more at the Festival
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