Stalls Market 2016

Many organisations will have their information and goods on display at the festival in the stalls market. They will include:

Permaculture Magazine & Permanent Publications

The team from Permaculture Magazine (Maddy, Tony, Rozie and Sally) will be there all day for you to talk to, subscribe to the magazine and buy books from. As with previous years they will also have their Bargain Bin section, which is always hugely popular and jammed packed early on, so do dive in and see what bargain delights they have for you this year! Come and speak to us about the magazine, the Sustainability Centre where we are based and we are keen to meet photographers, designers and film makers! We also love music and are happy to talk about the Formidable Vegetable Sound System … we will even have their awesome CD for sale on the day!

Permaculture Association

Information about the work of the Permaculture Association, our events, membership schemes, etc. Giving away copies of our magazine, Permaculture Works, plus general information about permaculture and projects that may be of interest to people.

Capital Growth

Capital Growth is London’s food growing network. Visit our stall to find out about what we do, our great training sessions, our coming Harvest Feast and to play our seed game (with seeds to win!). Plus we can help with any food growing question.


A permablitz is typically about creating or developing a community or household edible, wildlife-friendly garden, according to a permaculture design. Come along to our stall and find out more about Permablitzing: how you can have a permablitz for your garden and what happens when you join a permablitz.


We sell seed balls! An ancient technique for natural seed propagation – helping to fill our gardens, balconies and window boxes with native wildflowers, bees and butterflies (and more recently edible plants too!). Made from a mixture of seeds, clay, peat-free compost and chilli powder, the balls are designed to protect seeds from predators – simply scatter onto bare soil or compost and let nature take over!


I will be selling various handmade zipper pouches made from hemp, organic cotton, linen. upcycled material and artist prints. I will also be selling organic cotton crochet hoop earrings and friendship bracelets.

Brighton Permaculture Trust

Brighton Permaculture Trust – here to answer your questions about all things permaculture as well as our orchard projects, permaculture sites and courses in permaculture, gardening, green building and events – we’ll also have some home made produce and books for sale.

Rainforest Saver Foundation

Informing the world about, and collecting funds for the promotion of INGA ALLEY CROPPING, an Agroforestry technique which is an effective replacement for slash and burn farming in Rainforest areas.

Camden Friends of the Earth

We will have information leaflets about bee friendly plants, organic alternatives to pesticides and material in support of our current campaign asking Camden Council to go pesticide free.

Wild is Key

The Urban Permaculture Garden
Advice and demonstration of ways to use permaculture design to create or develop an urban garden, particularly how to make small spaces productive and wildlife-friendly.

Mango Tree Eco Resort – Adventure & Permaculture Centre

We are more of a adventure & permaculture centre than a resort. Our name does not do any justice to what we do but we are growing strong and now, 4 years old. The twin earthquake of 2015 caused no damage to our property. Our infrastructure are light and one story tall. We love the outdoors! There is plenty of green space all around us! Surrounding by the mountains all around, the air out here in Marshyangadi Valley is super crips! You will love it here! Our core values are earth care, people care and future care. We love to built using local sustainable materials like stone, mud, bamboo, wood, etc and now we promote Earthbag building technology as an alternative for cheap and efficient building methods to build sustainable natural dwellings in Nepal.We run course and trainings. We grow our own Rice and vegetables. We employ local people as well as involved with promoting eco adventure tourism in Nepal and especially in Lamjung district gateway to the famous Annapurna Circuit Trekking. If you are looking for the ultimate meaningful vacation in the Himalayas which can combine adventure, spirituality, learning and sharing; you won’t be disappointed. Visit our website for more information!

Forest Farm Peace Garden

Forest Farm Peace Garden will display publicity materials promoting its Ecotherapy Programme for mental health service users. We may bring some garden produce and herbs to sell.

Solar Cycle UK

Solar Cycle UK is a new sustainable social enterprize which offers educational DIY workshops creating Solar Panels, Bike trailer, 12V sound systems and recycled crafts for adults and kids. Come and say hello and find out about how to book a workshop for yourself or for your group. Why not some come make a wallet out of a drink carton, while you are there. Live demonstartion throughout the day.

Researching Agroecology with Crossfields Institute

Deepen your design skills through research! Obtain a postgraduate diploma (PGDip) or Masters degree (MA) That is just what many of our students are doing on the Researching Holistic Approaches to Agroecology course. They are discovering, along with an international group of colleagues, that studying while you work – and working while you study – enriches the mind and brings new perspectives to the projects you are developing. Whatever your relationship is to food, farming or land stewardship, you could join and contribute to this growing community of individuals who will help build a more resilient food culture through their questions, their efforts, their connections to each other and their interest in linking practical experience with research, and research with practical project development!


Fair trade South American crafts

Amazonia – Eyes of Gaia

A charity stall filled with beautiful natural crafts from the Amazon. Money raised builds rainwater systems for families currently drinking contaminated water (due to the oil industry).

Rainforest Saver

Disseminating information about our Inga Alley-cropping projects in Honduras, Cameroon and Ecuador. Seeking new members and donations to fund our projects.

Camden Greenpeace

The heart of the Amazon rainforest is under threat. A huge new mega-dam could flood an entire area around the Tapajós river, destroying the home of indigenous people and rare wildlife. But one indigenous community, the Munduruku, are fighting back – and they need people around the world to join them. We will be asking visitors to the festival to tell Siemens not to invest in the dam, sending a strong message to the Brazilian government.

Farms Not Factories

Providing a resource for information about animal factories and promoting the need to only buy high welfare pork. We will have labeling guides and badges to hand out for people who wish to support the campaign.


Providing activities for all ages through the medium of plastic pixels (bottle tops).

Made in Hackney Local Food Kitchen

Outreach and information about our cookery and food growing courses with community groups, promoting our masterclasses, inviting people to join our mailing list, offering free tasters of plant based organic food

Sarah Gray Herbalist

Come and meet some local herbalists. We will be selling herbal teas and creams, ointments and oils and will be available for answering any questions you may have about your health. There will be a focus on womens hormonal health and there will be some information sheets and remedies for menopausal symptoms.

Inge Kuijper

You will learn to design thriving communities in balance with the earth, in this 1 to 4 weekend programme around London, from 27 Aug to 25 Sep. Learn community and leadership skills. Explore permaculture and alternatives to our economic system. Nourish a deep connection with nature. Learn to think like a designer, and realise your dream project! Engaged Sustainability is officially ‘Inspired by Gaia Education’, a curriculum from the ecovillage movement. The weekend workshops around Community, Ecology, Economy and Worldview will be brought to you by facilitators Maddy Harland, Michel Thill, Lisa Mead, Bonny Casel & Inge Kuijper. Today you can ask Inge everything you want about this unique programme, see the books, view Gaia Education videos, and apply for the programme!

David Hamilton

We are the local group of Global Justice Now, who are a democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world. We mobilise people in the UK for change, and act in solidarity with those fighting injustice, particularly in the global south. We used to be the World Development Movement.

Judith Fagelson

Campaigning to tackle corporate tax dodging and make the global tax system fairer for all. We are asking the UK treasury to renegotiate its unfair tax treaties with 37 developing nations to make sure that companies can’t avoid corporation tax in those countries.