Stalls Market

The Festival hosts a stalls market where around 40 organisations (permaculture projects, community groups, sustainable green build organisations, community gardens, community food growing schemes, companies selling recycled/sustainable products, fair trade and indigenous crafts, environmental, wildlife, Transition and other groups) can have a platform for their services/goods.

The stalls market operates a ‘cake currency’ where each stall costs two cakes. We sell the cakes on a tea and cake stall to raise money to help cover the costs of the festival. This helps make the stalls market accessible to all.

Many organisations will have their information and goods on display at the festival in the stalls market. Last year they included:

Permaculture Magazine & Permanent Publications

The Permaculture magazine and book stall features all of the latest and classic permaculture titles (and books on related subjects) for you to pick-up and take away at special prices. We are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Permaculture magazine, so there will also be treats, surprises and our popular Bargain Book Section (so arrive early while stocks last!).

Permaculture Association

The Permaculture Association is the national charity dedicated to growing permaculture in the UK and beyond. We will be promoting our work on national and international research projects, advertising membership, giving our literature and sharing knowledge of projects across the UK.

Brighton Permaculture Trust

Information about our activities: courses in permaculture, gardening, orchards and green building as well as events including Green Architecture Day

Capital Growth

Capital Growth is London’s food growing network. Visit our stall to find out about what we do, our great training sessions, our coming Harvest Feast and to play our seed game (with seeds to win!). Plus we can help with any food growing question.


A permablitz is typically about creating or developing a community or household edible, wildlife-friendly garden, according to a permaculture design. Come along to our stall and find out more about Permablitzing: how you can have a permablitz for your garden and what happens when you join a permablitz.

Made in Hackney Local Food Kitchen

Made In Hackney is an eco-community kitchen which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Londoners, and teach sustainable life skills. We teach plant based healthy cooking and food growing skills to local community groups.

Hackney Herbal

We’ll be selling our Hackney-grown herbal tea, promoting our community activities and workshops and giving people information on growing their own herbs. We’ll be doing a mini-workshop on the stall for people to have a go at making their own herbal goodies.

Camden Greenpeace

Camden Greenpeace is part of a UK wide network of local Greenpeace groups run by volunteers who are passionate about protecting our planet. We will be campaigning about environmental issues both home and abroad. Our main focus will be our international campaign to preserve a newly discovered Amazon coral reef from destructive oil drilling, so come and say hello and find out how you can help to preserve this natural wonder.

Colours of Norfolk

Hand spinning wool, selling hand spun/hand dyed yarns/hand knitted items. All produced in the UK

Tyre Furniture Skills

We will be selling one off pieces of furniture made from recycled tyres and salvaged wood. In January 2017 we ran a tyre furniture training project in The Gambia , west Africa providing skills and tools to 27 Gambians in tyre furniture making. Having worked in Gambia previously we developed the tyre furniture specifically as a skill for people in sub-Saharan Africa, as a way to combat deforestation and tyre burning by using wasted tyres to build much needed furniture. The great benefits of making furniture with tyres is that approximately 50 million tyres are thrown away annually and only 2% are recycled in western countries. A massive percentage are dumped in landfill and also exported to African countries and other countries such as China . In Africa European second hand tyres are used till they are completely worn and then burned to remove the wires inside. The environmental problems of toxic fumes emitted through burning and the tyres being dumped in the sea or in landfill can be avoided by using the material for other uses. Also having water and rotting fruit in the tyres allows mosquitoes to breed freely which causes the spread of malaria. Another great benefit of using tyre furniture is termites don’t eat rubber.



Ethically sources crafts textiles and hats from South America with original artwork by Charley

Central London Global Justice Now

Global Justice Now are a democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world. We mobilise people in the UK for change, and act in solidarity with those fighting injustice, particularly in the global south. We used to be the World Development Movement. Central London Global Justice Now is the local group. We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month.


Selling hard copies of my recipe eBook entitled ‘Plant Based 1-21’ which consists of a 1 week plant based meal plan + 21 recipes to go with it. They will be on sale for the day with 20% off the original price.

Studio Nelle

A selection of small leather goods including leather planters, baskets, purses, wallets and bags.

Green Kashmir

I will be promoting and raising awareness about the new permaculture project in Kashmir called Green Kashmir. We are looking for volunteers and for funding opportunities for this new project taking permaculture into a conflict zone as a paradigm for peaceful solutions to environmental and human problems.

50 scents of the rainbow

Nourish one of your five senses with beautiful natural smells with one of the 50 scents of the rainbow solid perfume tins. These handy little tins are made with all natural ingredients and each of the smells were created and based from some of my own personal memories and inspired by people I have met.

b í k u treehouse retreat

Come and meet Ariel and Zabrina, the Panamanian-British couple behind b í k u, an eco treehouse retreat project. Inspired by friends and family, laughter and living slow – sloth style(!) – we are on a journey to build a treehouse retreat and chocolate farm to benefit the local community, culture and environment of Bocas del Toro, Panama. Inviting people to join our mailing list and become part of the community that builds b í k u.

Plant Photography & Jewellery, Crafts

Plant Photography, Hand made Colour cotton earrings, Seeds jewellery, Leather craft, Indian Head Massage

Plastic Pixel Art

Providing play and creative opportunities through the medium of plastic bottle tops, raising awareness of plastics in our food cycles.

Meadow Orchard Project

Information about a beautiful urban wildlife meadow and community garden, orchard and eco-building project in North London and how you can get involved. Wild flower seed packets will be given away.

Cecilia Litvinoff, Pamela Adams & Nomalanga

Kids, adults and the Urban Permaculture garden. Tactics, tricks and fun in the wildlife-friendly garden. It’s easy, just come and listen, learn, discover and make things with us.

Rainforest Saver

Disseminating information about our Inga Alley-cropping projects in Honduras, Cameroon and Ecuador. Seeking new members and donations to fund our projects.


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