These stalls attended in 2014

Many organisations will have their information and goods on display at the festival in the stalls market. They will include:

Permaculture Magazine & Permanent Publications

The team from Permaculture Magazine (Maddy, Tony, Rozie and Sally) will be there all day for you to talk to, subscribe to the magazine and buy books from. As with previous years they will also have their Bargain Bin section, which is always hugely popular and jammed packed early on, so do dive in and see what bargain delights they have for you this year! Come and speak to us about the magazine, the Sustainability Centre where we are based and we are keen to meet photographers, designers and film makers! We also love music and are happy to talk about the Formidable Vegetable Sound System … we will even have their awesome CD for sale on the day!


Paul Barney runs Edulis Nursery that specializes in unusual edible plants. It was originally set up to grow permaculture plants in the early 90s. The nursery has broadened its range these days and grows thousands of varieties of plants. Paul is bringing plants to sell.

Wisdom In Nature

Find out about Wisdom in Nature’s experiential workshops and courses on Islamic ecology, Permaculture and Group Facilitation. Literature and WIN Reps at hand!

Community Food Growers Network (CFGN)

CFGN is a network of community gardens around London actively engaged in growing food plants, taking land back for community use, and supporting others to grow food.  CFGN will be running an info stall where people can find out about the activities of the network and we will be harvesting ideas for how community food growing projects can best support eachother and key areas to collectively work on in the next year.  There will be copies of ‘The Plot’ newsletter, A3 risograph posters and seeds available to pick up!

Vertical Veg

Inspiring and supporting food growing in containers in small urban spaces. Do you have a question or want more information about growing edible crops in containers? Come and ask Mark from Vertical Veg. Free container growing fact sheet available – and information about the online Vertical Veg Club for container growers.

Capital Growth

London’s food growing network with over 2,000 members growing food in community gardens, community farms, home and allotments in London.  We will give information about Capital Growth, give advice to those interested in starting a community garden in London or growing food at home or at an allotment. We will have food related activities like our seed game, seed sowing and plant sales.

Camden Cycling Campaign

We will be offering a Dr Bike service, to check over your bike and (where possible) do minor repairs and advise on what needs to be done to make your bike completely roadworthy.

We will promote awareness of the benefits of cycling, with cycling maps and general information.

Cob in the Community / The Gaia Gallery / Pallet

We will be transporting re-cycled 54 million year old London Clay abroad the Gaia Gallery narrow boat to the Permaculture festival for you to get stuck-in and create throughout the day:

*Learn how to mix cob and make sculpted seed bombs
*Enter our sculpture competition and win a trip aboard The Gaia Gallery
*Learn about the fantastic yields from this abundant and readily available local resource
*Find out about our latest London cob and pallet recycled ventures

3pm – tour of The Gaia Gallery narrow boat

What Daisy Did

What Daisy Did is a shop formed from all the wonderful bags I source on my travels which in turn funds my travelling. Having an environmental conscience, I source recycled, natural and wasted materials saved from landfill. My products are made in developing countries and I maintain a close relationships with the artisans and their families.  The bags I will be bringing to the event are made from recycled and factory offcut leather that may have otherwise been wasted, which is why each bag is unique in finish and colour. Our off cut bags have less impact on the environment, reduce waste and help create work in the developing world. We will also be promoting “slow fashion”. A term which best describes our protest against disposable consumerist fashion.

London Community Neighborhood Co-operative (LCNC)

LCNC  consists of 6 projects, education, urban agriculture, healthy eating and cafe, community determined finances, multi use work spaces and housing. As well as giving out information about LCNC, and straw bale building  we will be selling some items from  these projects particularly home education and books for younger people.

London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative (LCNC) is a pioneering project that aims to build a self determining neighbourhood in central London. LCNC consists of six projects, education, urban agriculture, healthy eating and cafe , multi purpose work spaces and housing. We plan to build 2 load baring straw bale buildings, one apartment building and one community centre. We are looking for more members of our team. Get in touch if you would like to know more!

Bough to Beauty

Our dream is for Bough to Beauty to offer our customers beautiful upcycled lasercut accessories, in modern designs, that are ethically made and considerate towards our planet.  Our handmade pieces are design led, with real attention to detail and a strong emphasis on quality and value.

We have a wonderful, quirky, handmade collection of earrings, badges, brooches, cufflinks and rings.  We can guarantee that all our pieces are made by our talented team, in a workshop that is clean, safe and fun. Selling our upcycled wooden accessories.

Bamboo Bicycle Club

The London based Bamboo Bicycle Club brings a unique experience to everyday cycling by empowering anyone to build their very own customised frame. Our well-established workshop attracts builders from all over London and Europe to participate in creating a distinctive and personalised ride.”                We will be presenting The Bamboo Bicycle Club, a UK-based project that provides people with the knowledge and tools to make their own bikes as well creates a hub for those embarking on their own frame building adventures.

The Rainforest Saver Foundation

Save rainforests and relieve poverty with sustainable Inga alley cropping          “We will be providing information about Inga alley cropping  – the substantial benefits to the tropical farmers and us, how and why it works, what we are doing, and how people can help. We will have a sign up to our free email newsletter, how to join us as a member, and we will promote our  crowd funding project.

We will be raising funds by selling various items we have created, such as our own design T-shirts, cards, plants we have grown.


Organiclea is a community food project based in the Lea Valley in north-east London. We produce and distribute food and plants locally, and inspire and support others to do the same. With a workers’ cooperative at our core, we bring people together to take action towards a more just and sustainable society. Photo display of our 12 acre organic market garden and information stall. Also selling local, organic strawberries and plants to grow at home.

Camden Friends of the Earth       

Camden Friends of the Earth is part of the wider network of over 200 Friends of the Earth local groups. We are all volunteers and work across the borough of Camden to lobby our council, MPs, businesses and organisations. We get out on the street, attend community events as well as campaign via our computers.  We work on national and local campaigns and often co-operate with other local groups to create positive change in the borough.

Camden Friends of the Earth will be running 3 campaigns:

  • The bee cause
  •  Schools Run on Sun
  • Anti – Facking campaign

Rainforest Saver Foundation

We will be providing information about Inga alley cropping – the substantial benefits to the tropical farmers and us, how and why it works, what we are doing, and how people can help. We will have a sign up to our free email newsletter, how to join us as a member, and we will promote our crowd funding project.
We will be raising funds by selling various items we have created, such as our own design T-shirts, cards, plants we have grown. and exciting that we can manage.

Eyes of Gaia

Nicola Peel has been working in the Ecuadorian amazon since 2000. She will be available to speak about the threats of the oil industry, the Chevron/Texaco case and Yasuni world biosphere park.
Nicola founded AMP (the Amazon Mycorenewal Project) who use fungi to clean up contamination from the oil industry and will be giving a talk during the day.

Kitchen Buddy – Healthy Balance Naturopathic Medicine

Visit Nutritionist, Theresa Webb BA.Dip.NT. 45 min appts to discuss any of your health related concerns. Offering 45 min appts to anyone wishing to discuss and request support for any health related concerns.

Shanti L-I-F-E

Shanti (peace) L-I-F-E (Love, Inspiration, and Freedom through Ecology). The vision of Shanti L-I-F-E is to live simply and in harmony with the natural world while providing training in Permaculture, self reliance and holistic well being. Our values include:
• Reducing waste and our negative impact on the environment
• Well-being of self, family and community
• Sharing excess
• Taking responsibility for change
• Creating harmony not competition

There will be information on Permaculture, natural gardening, and yoga. There will also be natural cosmetics recipes, and natural handmade soap/balms for sale.

 World Development Movement North And East London Group

Campaigning on food soverignty and the corporate takeover of Africa’s food.

The UK government is supporting a series of initiatives which are helping corporations take over Africa’s food. Under the guise of tackling hunger, initiatives like the G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, will help corporations take control over Africa’s land, seeds and markets – at the expense of small farmers. Join our campaign to oppose this twenty-first century corporate scramble for Africa.

Master Gardeners

Volunteer Master Gardeners – helping people learn to grow food

Master Gardeners offer local growing advice at community growing spaces, events, talks and other innovative ways that suit their skills and lifestyle. Master Gardeners also mentor 3-6 individuals in community growing spaces or in their own home, offering 12 months free support to those just starting to grow their own food.

  • Advice on growing food
  • Seed sowing demonstrations with free seeds to give away
  • ‘What’s in Your Compost’ Game (and others)
  • Fact sheets on different vegetables and how to grow them


WWOOF UK is a membership charity, teaching people about organic growing and low-impact lifestyles through hands-on experience in the UK.

An opportunity to meet some of our members, hear about their experiences and learn about how you could get involved with WWOOF UK – either as a host or a volunteer.

Mango Tree Resort

Permaculture and Adventure in the Himalayas – Nepal

We are a perm-adventure resort based in Nepal. We starting this project beginning of year 2012 to promote sustainable and ethical living as well as to promote rural eco tourism in a small village called Chiti, which is around 5 hrs drive away from the capital city Kathmandu. We are not just a place where you can sleep, eat and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We are also a place that focuses on sustainability, permaculture and organic farming. Whenever possible we try to source the staff and supplies locally so that the money stays in our small local community. We tried to limit the use of high energy embodied building materials in our construction and now, Mango Tree is one of a kind in this region. Because of our unique location, we also offer many adventure activity like Canyoning, Kayaking/Rafting and Hiking/Trekking. We are also actively involved in promoting our region and we have started to train young locals to be Canyoning guides. From this year, we have also teamed up with our permaculture friends from all over the world to run Practical Permaculture Design Course (PDC) as well.

Radical Anthropology Group

We are London’s longest running evening class, and a publisher, interested in What made us human, and in particular in learning from the most egalitarian and sustainable cultures on earth.

Radical Anthropology will offer a number of pamphlets and magazines for sale for a crossover activist to academic audience. We will have flyers for our evening class and Taster days.

Camden Greenpeace

Save The Arctic. Engaging visitors to show their support for the campaign to protect the arctic from oil drilling. Help us with a creative project to protect the Arctic from Shell’s plans to drill for oil in this fragile region.

 Transition Free Press

Quarterly newspaper from the Transition movement.

Selling or giving away copies of Transition Free Press.

United Diversity

United Diversity book clearance. United Diversity is in the process of morphing into a co-operative network to help people start permaculture co-ops. But in a previous life was a book seller and we’ve still got a load of great books we now want rid of.

Selling bargain copies of 3 great books:
1) The Transition Companion,
2) The Transition Guide to Local Money
3) Fresh Food from Small Spaces

Sustainable [R]evolution

The Sustainable [R]evolution Book: the book is a collection of unique and diverse sites from around the world incorporating permaculture principles. I will be in selling copies of the book and as am co-author/ assistant editor for the book, I can talk to people about the writing process.
I also did my MSc thesis studying permaculture and emotional connection with nature- so happy to talk about that as well.

Meadow Orchard Project

A community garden, orchard, wildlife meadow and eco-building project in Crouch End, North London. Activities include food growing, forest gardening, natural bee-keeping, eco-building and wood-working, wildlife conservation, observing and being in nature, crafts, community celebrations, events, talks and workshops. All permaculture enthusiasts are welcome to participate in our regular volunteer workdays every Saturday. The stall will be providing information about Meadow Orchard Project, what activities we do and how to get involved.

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